BeyondBitcoin Community Updates – 28th September 2017

It was an hectic week for the community, a lot has happened over the past 5-6 days. Few projects continue to do well and are gaining traction, Fuzzy who is leading the pack has been facing some cowardly threats from unknown people who hardly contribute anything to the community.


  • Further to what fuzzy is going through, he has been receiving some cowardly threats of hacking into his accounts if he does not stop doing good to community!!!We feel it is an utter act of disgrace by the powerful few trying to wage a war. Fuzzy is a reasonable man and he does not deserve this. Go through the links below to know further.

[Warning] Black Hat Attacks from Steem Whales have been Promised!? [Part I]

[Warning] Black Hat Attacks from Steem “Leaders” have been Promised!? [Part II]

  • Buildawhale got a 30% boost – Buildawhale project which is backing the witnness campaign of @themarkymark on steemit got a big boost of 30% to its SP. Buildawhale now stand with 51k SP backing it with many more amazing things lined up. Voiceshares has started its collaboration with buildawhale team and it looks like an exciting journey.

We getting big! 30% Boost in Steem Power!

  • @officialfuzzy is calling for 225th Beyondbitcoin hangout, do make it to the event with your project and you may get funded for the same. Here is Fuzzy’s post on which you may have to RSVP with few details of the project to make it to the hangout as a speaker.

           [BeyondBitcoin RSVP] Whaletank Hangout #225 | 2017-09-30 | Sat @330PM UTC | Over 650 $BD in Awards!

  • 4th week of Steemit-ironchef is completed and @progressivechef as always got an amazing response to the comepetetion, The fifth week’s theme will given out tomorrow.

23 Valid entries for the 4th week!!! Watch out for the 5th round theme tomorrow!!!


Just watch for an exciting whaletank coming up!!!! Lots of surprises in store for you guys!!! Do Not Miss out on it!!!

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