Eostalk.io – An overview to get started with EOS Forums!!

Launch of EOS Forums – https://eostalk.io

The team which played a pivotal role in launching bitshares, steemit and more recent whaleshares has come up with this multi value proposition to EOS community lead by @officialfuzzy, few features of EOS Forums which stand out are

  • Get your post easily recognized: This is the platform where whales would want to hangout in near future, posting through this platform does reward you and get you the visibility you always wanted. So get posting here.
  • EOS Forums Protects your discussion: With this very crucial feature EOS Forums is a perfect place for the community to save their discussions. In case the server goes down or theer comes a situation of loosing all data we can retrieve it through EOS Forums
  • Community Projects: EOS Forums has lots of amazing community projects lined up to empower and drive major changes in block chain environment. One of the project I am personally working on Suicide awareness project.
  • Competition and Bounties : The team believes in empowering Steemit, Bitshares and EOS, together, with this spirit of synergy around it is evident that there are few very good times coming up with this.

Do follow www.steemit.com/@officialfuzzy for daily developments of EOS Forums, I will soon be telling you how to go about creating an account on EOS Forums. Do visit eostalk.io to get a intro on what this is all about.


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Join the amazing EOS Forums community at their discord server


EOS Forums discord server link

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