What is Voiceshares ?

Voiceshares is your voice. It is the voice of you, me, and every person in our world. There are so many stories in this world that remain untold, destroying thousands of lives. The voices behind these stories are suppressed to facilitate the power of a few and to please a never-ending judgmental society. We at Voiceshares provide a platform for every person, regardless of background, culture, age, sex, gender, or severity of suppression to share their stories.

Through sharing your story, you can connect with others facing similar circumstances. Many issues often go untold for fear of judgement or harassment. With Voiceshares, no one must fight alone. We connect people together to form Support Systems throughout the community. Anonymity is a major priority to us, so should you wish to remain anonymous, your request will be granted without exception.

Our Journey So Far









Voiceshares Services

Decentralized Collaborations

Voiceshares believes in Synergy and we collaborate with other community projects to co promote each other. If you have something interesting we are ready to work with you.

Voiceshares Events

Voiceshares services aimed to create a positive impact on society. Includes fitness, yoga , meditation sessions where you can subscribe to be benefited from these session by experts.

Professional Support

Professional Guidance to solve your issues, this way you will fight your cause in the right manner . Seek guidance from our expert panel who will take this journey with you .

Create Communities

Create communities with people who are facing same issues as you do, fight your common cause as a community. Take your point across as a group, let the world know your issue.

Share Your Untold Story

Share your story which would have otherwise gone untold.  Let the world know what you are going through, there may be many out there with similar situation of life who will connect with your voice.

Find Support System

The Story of a suppressed soul is shared with the world. people who connect with the story will get involved with the community to create a support system for the suppressed soul.